In-House Diagnostics

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Advanced Diagnostics with Curated Care

New Canaan Veterinary Hospital offers a full suite of diagnostic testing, including blood work, digital radiography, ultrasounds, and ECGs.

We routinely conduct cytology on various tissue samples for skin conditions, perform biopsies of tissue masses and growths, conduct blood tests for specific infectious diseases, and carry out general lab work for both wellness and sick patient testing. Should the need arise, we are fortunate to have access to many specialists in the area. Our cutting-edge digital equipment enables us to be fully connected to specialists worldwide.

Rapid Results

In addition to our extensive capabilities for off-site laboratory testing, New Canaan Veterinary Hospital is able to perform in-house tests using our computerized equipment.

While most routine lab work is outsourced, we can provide immediate results in cases of acute illness or emergencies. This allows us to diagnose and initiate treatment initial treatment promptly, rather than waiting for 24 hours or more for results.

Radiography and Ultrasonography

Alongside immediate access to lab results, having imaging capabilities readily available is often crucial. New Canaan Veterinary Hospital boasts digital radiography technology, surpassing the traditional cassette and film (analog) process.

Furthermore, Dr. Potenza is a seasoned ultrasonographer, and our hospital offers this service on-site when needed. Radiography and ultrasonography complement each other as diagnostic techniques, each offering valuable information that enhances our diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

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